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Local Moves

Hiring local movers doesn’t have to be costly or stressful. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we make moving simple, stress-free and extremely cost effective. Most people think that good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good. Well, we have found an exception to the rule. We have begun our winter sales event and have issued the largest cost savings coupons in our history

BC Back Haul Moves

Travelling over the Rocky’s during the winter can be risky business! However, at Burly Boyz, our long distance movers relish the challenge of driving through snow and ice through the vertical roads of the Rocky Mountains and even across the Coquihalla. And, sometimes, we like to relax while sailing on the BC ferries. Our winterized long distance moving vans and experienced mountain drivers will provide you, our customer, with the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe with us. As a matter of fact, we like to consider ourselves as the province’s primary BC backhaul movers.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving is our specialty! Our long distance movers are extensively trained to wrap and protect furniture and load our trucks for long distance travels. Our moving trucks are custom built to fit all our customer’s belongings and specially designed for highway winter conditions. Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands.

Ontario Bound Moves

Our Ontario trailers do not stop in any other province on our way there…. well, unless we need to use the washroom. This reduces our delivery window to 5 to 15 days after pickup. Equipped with the best moving equipment around and full protection of your furniture and property. Nothing less than what you would expect from the best quality movers. Our customer reviews are the absolute best among our peers, we advise you to compare. Our long distance customers are always left satisfied with our movers because we’re friendly, well-trained and care about delivering the best quality service possible.

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