Our Story



Founded in January 2009, The Burly Boyz started their humble beginnings in Edmonton, AB with just one truck and a couple guys trying to make a difference in the moving and storage business.

Who Are the boyz?

Movers generally have a bad reputation due to dishonesty. Frustrated with this stigma, The Burly Boyz made it their mission statement to provide customers with excellent service and honest upfront pricing at reasonable prices.

Our Goal

Our goal was to become one of the top moving companies in Edmonton and eventually in Canada. Now we have three additional locations (Calgary, Vancouver & Mississauga), and new locations coming soon!

Our commitment

Providing Canadians with honest and upfront quotes at reasonable prices and, above all, excellent service. The core values of our foundation are Respect, Accountability, Perseverance, Integrity, Dependability and Improvement. 

A Timeline of Our Growth

January 2009, Burly Boyz Moving & Storage founded.

June 2010, we added another truck and began offering long distance moving services within Alberta and British Columbia.

May 2011, we moved into warehouse in south Edmonton and began offering storage services.

May 2014, we added a 3rd truck and began offering long distance moving services to Toronto and the East coast.

June 2016, we opened our store that sold moving boxes and other packing material.

September 2017, we opened our local Mississauga facility to support our continued trips between the West and East coast. We also began offering local moving services in the Greater Toronto Area.

October 2017, we moved to a new 12,000 sq ft storage facility in Northwest Edmonton. This expansion has grown our storage capacity significantly.

June 2018, started operations in Calgary and  added 2 new long-distance moving trucks to support our continued expansion.

In February 2019, we began our Vancouver operations and purchased a new truck to support that.

July and September 2020, we added 2 more addtional trucks and a trailer to meet the needs of our expanded business in Canada.

September 2020, we launched the Burly Box to meet our customers needs of an eco-friendly option to moving boxes.

The Burly Boyz Today

We are a fleet of 13 trucks located in 4 major Canadian cities! Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, and Vancouver. Our goal is to be a recognized and trusted brand in the moving industry!






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