Moving This Winter?

Here are a few tips from our seasoned movers on how to save money and stay warm:

1. Keep an eye on the weather. It’s better to delay your move if there is a blizzard or heavy snowfall, than put your belongings and our staff at risk with ice and snow.

2. Shovel your walk ways, ensure the common areas our movers use will be free of snow, ice and debris. This not only prevents injury but protects your belongings while they are in transit.

3. Turn on the heat! You may need a little extra heat as some doors will be opening and closing frequently. Even if it’s brief, the warmth increases morale and lowers stress levels.


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4. Ensure heat and lights are on at the destination address. Many people often forget there is just as much work to be done on the destination’s end for offloading and (in some cases) re-assembly of furniture. Make sure your utilities are functional prior to arrival.

5. Have some old sheets or blankets on hand. While we do our best to protect your furniture and belongings while it snows, it can help to have some additional blankets and such to keep items covered while the snow is falling.

6. Hot beverages! Everybody enjoys a hot beverage when it is cold. Scientifically, this increases your inner body temperature. There is nothing better than a hot tea or hot chocolate during a quick break in the middle of a winter move.

7. If you are packing yourself, ensure to double pack the fragile items. There is a greater risk of slipping due to ice and snow conditions. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. Dress appropriately! Wear layers. There is nothing worse than being cold during the whole duration of your move. Prepare yourself with toques, gloves and a thicker jacket.

9. Don’t forget to tip! If you’ve booked during winter when our rates are very low – and the movers did a great job, reward them with a nice little tip! This increases morale and makes our staff feel like they’ve done a great job.

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That’s all for now. Remember, for any inquiries about a move during the winter or any other time – give us a call. We provide free consulting services for each move.