When is the best time to look for movers?

There are a lot of daunting things involved around relocating your prized possessions. First of all, selling your house and/or buying a new house can be stressful on it’s own. Once you get through the process of finalizing the sale(s), conditions come off, and you have a possession or move date set… you’ll have some more obstacles to overcome.

However, don’t wait until this point to start contacting movers. You want to start contacting movers shortly after you list your house for sale, or if you are a renter, as soon as you know your lease runs out. Movers typically book up well in advance, and more so at the beginning, middle and end of each month. Those dates are when leases usually run out, or possession dates take place.

In the past, folks with a larger social circle might rent or borrow a van and rely on friends. Nowadays, hiring movers is more common as they are cost effective, professional and will ensure your belongings get to the new location without any damages.

Where should you start looking for movers?

Referrals are great, and if you’re selling or buying – ask your Realtor! If they don’t provide any referrals, they may at least inform you of some moving companies to avoid! If you have no referrals, the next best place to start would be searching on Google. We have some tips on how to choose the best movers here on this link.


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When should you start looking for movers?

Once your decision to sell has been made, and/or once you know your lease termination date. This will get you into the system of a few agents and at least get some numbers for you to budget around. Once dates come into fruition, you’ll have contact information and a quote ready to go.

What information do I need to provide to get an estimate from a moving company?

Always make a list of what is being moved. Include everything from not only the large items, but smaller items too (things that won’t typically fit into a box). From there, it may be early, but a good guesstimate on how many boxes you might have once packed will also help. This can change, and a good moving company can help you with averages if you’re unsure.

Based on the details you provide the movers, you should get a quote that reflects the amount of time (for local moves ) or an estimated weight (for long distance moves). A digital or virtual conversation, along with a virtual inventory are all tools that some movers use to assist with the quotation process.

What are some good questions to ask movers to narrow down my choice?

1. Is the moving company available for the date you need them? This would be the first and most important question. If you’re happy with the quote they provide, and the date is available, secure the date. This is because movers will book in advance and if you wait too long, you might miss out!

2. What is the cancellation and rescheduling policy? Are there any fees associated with cancellation?

3. Is the company bonded and insured?

4. Does the company provide any materials or assist with packaging items if needed?

5. Do the movers wrap and blanket your belongings in furniture pads before moving them?

6. Do the movers provide disassembly and reassembly of beds and other furniture?

7. How many movers will be helping?

8. What is the hourly rate?

9. How long will the move take?

10. Is insurance included, does it cost extra – are there multiple options?

Any other tips?

Try to be flexible when negotiating a possession date or lease termination date. This will give you some flexibility when hiring movers, as some moving companies might have a cheaper rate depending on the date, or no availability on the exact date you need.

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