Miscalculating your Moving Budget:

Budget mistakes are very common. It’s easy to underestimate how much your move will cost, since quotes can vary wildly between companies. There are many varying factors depending on the companies you call. Some charge hourly, some by weight and some by cubic footage. Some moving companies also charge extra for large items (pianos, motorcycles, etc).

The same goes for difficult-to-access entryways. This is because elevators and/or stairs can add extra time to a job, since movers are not coming into the unit directly from a driveway. This also makes larger items more difficult to maneuver, especially with an elevator that can only hold so much.

Make sure to be transparent about all items you are moving, so you can be quoted properly and accurately on those items.

Other things you might want to consider for budgeting would be cleaning the old place or repairs you have been holding off until move date. Also consider packing materials and supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other moving supplies.


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You may be moving long distance and need a vehicle shipped, or pets that you can’t travel with may need their own pet transportation service.

It goes without saying that it’s much better to overestimate your budget, aim a bit higher and treat yourself to a nice dinner in your new neighborhood with the extra money you saved by overestimating.


Waiting Too Long to Book

This is the most easily-avoidable mistake. The best movers will book up in advance and typically require a holding fee or deposit to reserve your date. They are first come first server, so if you received a quote and sat on it too long before finalizing, you may be out of luck. Especially if your move is for the beginning, middle or end of any month (and Fridays or Saturdays).

Do not get caught up in your to-do lists and over-prepare BEFORE booking your movers. They should be priority number one so you have peace of mind to focus on everything else, once you have a set date with your newly chosen movers.

Moving companies may offer incentives if you book early enough, for example their rates are often seasonal – so if you book a mover for Summer, in the Spring, they may honor the Spring rates for being an early bird. By planning ahead you’ll be able to give yourself some breathing room and have a specific date to organize your remaining efforts around.


Assuming You will Have Help

Oftentimes we have friends, co-workers or family who express their willingness to help when you’re preparing a move. However, sometimes it can be hard to manage the timing of everybody involved – as people have work, children and other parts of their lives to attend to. What sounded great in the middle of conversation, and simply could have been family or friends ‘being nice’, come move date though sometimes plans have changed or they are unavailable. Do not rely on your family or friends unless you are certain they will be available on the exact date and time you need them, then follow up with them regularly.

Hiring a full service moving company would be your most reliable and best bet. Especially if you need help packing. They will come stocked with materials often the day before your actual move and pack all your small and loose items into boxes. The next day they will arrive and provide the labour to complete your actual move. Disassembly and reassembly of all your beds and furniture are often included (always check!). You don’t have to rely on anyone or worry about your friends not showing up!


Improper Preparation

This has to be one of the most important hacks on this list. Do not wait until your movers show up before preparing. This can add additional cost as several items might be loose that need proper packaging before they are moved!

Lawnmowers, garden tools, paints, corrosives, plants; there are several items that need proper care and attention which you can’t just throw into a truck or box up.

Lawnmowers or anything that requires fuel should be completely drained and empty. Corrosives, alcohols or any other type of hazardous liquid cannot be transported (for the safety of your own belongings). Are you moving to a different climate, perhaps with no snow? You can sell your snowblower and recoup some costs for moving!

If you’re moving into an apartment or condo, you may not need that lawnmower or garden tools. Get rid of paint cans you don’t need (seriously, who needs all those quarter and half buckets of paint we accumulate over the years?). Some hardware stores have a specialized intake for half cans of paint, and most Eco-stations will accommodate those for drop-off as well.


Packing an Essential Box

After a long and grueling day of moving, what do you want? A shower? Maybe a big dinner? Most likely a long sleep or a good nap?

However all your toiletries, clothing and other day to day goods are being held hostage inside a box somewhere. Do you have time to go rummaging through everything just to get your pajamas and toothpaste?

Save yourself some time by preparing an Essentials Box. Include things like linens, towels, a change of clothes, a basic set of dishes and your toiletries. Bring this in the trunk of your car, or make sure it is identified when loaded in the moving truck. This will ensure you have a comfortable evening on the day of your move – so you can wake up and focus on the hard work of unpacking the next day!


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