Summers in Canada always seem to fly by—and the nice weather makes it the most popular time of year to move. Whether you’re planning a local shift in the city or a long-distance move across the country, summer offers a unique set of challenges for moving days. At Burly Boyz Moving & Storage, we’ve experienced home and office movers—any time of year! To help you prepare for your summer move, here are our top 10 hacks for moving during the summer.

Summer Moving Tips

1. Plan Ahead

Making a move is a big event and should be handled with careful planning. Last-minute moves sometimes happen, but most people know they’re moving well in advance. Take the time to finalize your move-in/move-out dates, plan your routes to and from (especially important for long-haul moves), pack your belongings, and book time off for the big day. Planning for a move ahead of time can save you time, money, and frustration.

2. Hire Trusted and Reliable Movers

Depending on the size of your home or office and where you’re moving to, moving can be a challenge! Although some people choose to tackle a move on their own, there’s nothing like hiring experienced movers to get the job done right. A professional moving company like Burly Boyz Moving & Storage will make sure that your move is handled with care. Professional movers do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!

3. Book Movers Early

Most people prefer to move in the warmer months—it’s safer and more comfortable. With the surge of properties being sold in the summer, time slots for long haul and local moving companies fill up quickly. Booking your movers early will ensure that you still have plenty of time to secure their services before your move. Not only that but booking early can guarantee you a morning timeslot—saving you and your movers from the midday summer heat.

4. Avoid Holiday Weekends

Moving during a holiday weekend in the summer may sound like a great idea—until you remember how busy the roads are. Long-distance moves during holiday weekends aren’t ideal because of the high volume of recreational vehicles sharing the road. Holiday weekends create very heavy traffic in cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto. Traffic jams in a moving van in the heat of summer can be avoided by booking during slower periods—like a Wednesday morning! 

5. Buffer Your Budget

Residential and office moves can be more expensive in the summer than in other seasons. Booking your movers during peak season means that you’re competing with other people for timeslots. To take advantage of this increased demand, many moving companies offer “peak season rates” that are higher than other times of the year. Adding a buffer to your budget and getting an accurate and honest moving quote will help you stay on track with your moving expenses—and avoid any budget surprises. 

6. Turn on the AC in Your New Place

Preparing your new home or office for moving day includes making your new space comfortable. The day before your move, turn on the air conditioner in your new location. This will ensure that it’s ready for movers—and is a cool place for everyone to rest on moving day. Some people also like to start unpacking the same day they move. Keeping your new place cool will make the unpacking process much more pleasant.

7. Start Packing Early

Most people underestimate how much time it takes to pack for a move. This is especially true in the summer when activities and nice weather can pull you away from the chore of packing. A popular option for many people is to hire a professional packing service to take care of the job for them. If you choose to pack your belongings on your own, give yourself plenty of time. As you start budgeting your time, keep in mind that the packing process isn’t just about putting things in boxes—there’s usually a lot of downsizing, purging, and cleaning too. 

8. Keep Electronics Cool

When you’re making a summer move, you must keep your electronics cool. Depending on where you live in Canada, summer temperatures can reach 30 degrees and higher. Electronic devices like TVs, computers, laptops, and smartphones have parts that can become damaged if they overheat in the summer sun. Keep your electronics cool during your local move by turning on the AC in your new location and transporting them in an air-conditioned vehicle. Another tip is to make sure that your electronic items are last to go on the moving truck and first to come off—this helps reduce the amount of time they’re in the heat.

9. Properly Pack Perishables

If you’re planning a local move in the summer, remember to pack your perishable food items carefully. A few days before moving day, plug in your fridge and chest freezer. Giving them time to cool down means they will be ready in plenty of time for your move. Transport your perishable items in coolers packed with ice and take a direct route to your new location. Another tip is to try to avoid having any perishables to move by moving day. Go on “grocery freeze” for a few months before your move to eat through the items in your fridge and freezer. 

10. Prepare for Rain

As beautiful as summers in Canada are, you should still be prepared for wet conditions during your move. Long-distance moves can have unpredictable weather, so it’s important to pack items carefully to ensure they aren’t damaged by water or excess humidity. Long-distance moving companies such as Burly Boyz Moving & Storage are experienced with moving during all weather conditions. Hiring experienced van lines with a covered or enclosed truck will protect your items from water damage. If you choose to move on your own, cover your vehicle with a tarp, and bring extra towels to sop up any excess water.

Looking to Move This Summer?

Make your summer move a snap with the help of a professional moving company. Burly Boyz Moving & Storage is your trusted choice for high-quality, efficient, and affordable moving services. We provide residential and commercial moving services in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Contact us today to book our moving, packing, and storage services.