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Moving can feel like an overwhelming puzzle, with countless pieces to fit together just right. That’s where the Burly Boyz come in, your trusty guides through the relocation maze. We know firsthand that the right tools can transform a stressful move into a smooth, enjoyable experience.

That’s why we’re opening up our toolkit and sharing the essential gear that makes our job (and yours!) a whole lot easier. Whether you’re a DIY mover or simply curious about the tricks of the trade, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to discover the tools behind every successful Burly Boyz move. We’ll discuss the essentials.


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Packing Supplies

Effective packing supplies ensure your belongings are protected and organized during a move. Burly Boyz Moving and Storage uses only the highest quality packing materials to safeguard our clients’ items. Here’s an in-depth look at the essential packing supplies we use:


High-Quality Boxes

Sturdy and Durable: Our moving boxes are made from high-quality, double-walled cardboard, providing excellent strength and durability. These boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different items, from small, fragile pieces to large, bulky items.

Variety of Sizes: We offer a range of box sizes, including small (1.5 cubic feet), medium (3 cubic feet), large (4.5 cubic feet), and extra-large (6 cubic feet). This variety ensures that every item can be packed appropriately, optimizing space and protection.

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Protection During Transit: High-quality boxes are essential for protecting belongings during transit. Their sturdy construction prevents them from collapsing under weight, which can cause damage to the items inside.

Ease of Stacking: Durable boxes also make stacking easier. They maintain their shape even when stacked high, reducing the risk of toppling and ensuring a more stable load in the moving truck.


Packing Tape and Dispensers

Strong Packing Tape: We use heavy-duty packing tape designed to withstand the stress of moving. This tape is resistant to tearing and provides a strong seal that keeps boxes closed securely.

Ergonomic Dispensers: We use ergonomic tape dispensers to facilitate quick and efficient sealing. These dispensers are easy to handle and allow movers to seal boxes swiftly without struggling with the tape.



Securing Boxes: Packing tape is crucial for securing boxes and preventing them from opening during the move. A properly sealed box ensures the contents remain intact and protected from dust and debris.

Reinforcing Weak Points: The tape can also reinforce the bottom of boxes, adding an extra layer of protection for heavier items.


Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Bubble Wrap: This protective material consists of air-filled bubbles that cushion items and absorb shock during transit. It is beneficial for wrapping fragile items like artwork, glassware, electronics, and collectibles.

Packing Paper: Clean, unprinted packing paper is another essential protective material. It is versatile and can be used to wrap items or fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent shifting.



Cushioning Fragile Items: Bubble wrap is ideal for cushioning fragile items and providing a protective layer that prevents breakage. Each item is individually wrapped to ensure maximum protection.

Preventing Damage: Packing paper wraps less fragile items and fills box gaps. This prevents items from moving around during transit, reducing the risk of damage. It also lines the bottom and top of boxes for added cushioning.

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Moving Equipment

The right moving equipment is crucial for ensuring the moving process is efficient, safe, and damage-free.

Burly Boyz Moving and Storage uses specialized equipment to handle heavy and delicate items carefully. Here’s an overview of the essential moving equipment we rely on:


Dollies and Hand Trucks

Two-Wheeled Hand Trucks: Hand trucks, also known as dollies, are essential for transporting heavy items. These come with two large wheels and a small platform at the bottom, allowing movers to slide them under heavy boxes or appliances and tilt them back to move.

Four-Wheeled Dollies: These dollies, also known as flat carts or furniture dollies, feature a flat, comprehensive platform on four wheels. They are designed to transport bulky items and multiple boxes at once.



Efficient Transport: Dollies and hand trucks are indispensable for moving heavy items like refrigerators, washing machines, and large furniture. They significantly reduce the physical strain on movers and increase efficiency.

Safety: Using dollies and hand trucks minimizes the risk of injury by allowing movers to leverage the equipment’s wheels and platform to transport heavy items without excessive lifting. This ensures a safer moving process for the movers and items.


Furniture Pads and Moving Blankets

Thick, Padded Blankets: Furniture pads and moving blankets are thick, padded coverings that protect furniture and other oversized items during a move. These blankets are designed to be durable and cushioned to absorb shocks and impacts.



Protective Coverings: Furniture pads and moving blankets are draped over furniture pieces, appliances, and other large items to prevent scratches, dents, and other damage. They are handy for protecting wooden surfaces, glass, and electronics.

Securing Items: These pads are often secured with moving straps or tape to ensure they stay in place during the move. This added protection is crucial when navigating tight spaces or transporting items in a moving truck.


Straps and Ropes

Durable Straps and Ropes: Straps and ropes are made from strong, durable materials designed to secure items during transport. Moving straps often feature buckles or ratchets to tighten them securely, while ropes can be tied and knotted.



Securing Items in Transit: Straps and ropes are used to secure furniture and other large items in the moving truck, preventing them from shifting during transit. This is essential for maintaining the stability of the load and protecting items from damage.

Assisting with Lifting: Moving straps, particularly shoulder and forearm straps, help distribute the weight of heavy items more evenly, making it easier and safer for movers to lift and carry them.


Specialty Tools

When handling unique moving challenges, having the right specialty tools can make all the difference. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we utilize various specialty tools to ensure that even the most cumbersome and delicate items are moved easily and precisely. Here’s an overview of the specialty tools we rely on:


Furniture Sliders

Plastic or Felt Pads: Furniture sliders are small pads made of durable plastic or soft felt. These pads are designed to be placed under the legs or corners of heavy furniture, allowing for easy movement across floors.



Easily Slide Heavy Furniture: Furniture sliders are incredibly useful for moving heavy furniture across different types of flooring without causing damage. Whether on hardwood, tile, or carpet, these sliders reduce friction and allow movers to slide furniture with minimal effort.

Protect Floors: Using sliders, we prevent scratches, scuffs, and other damage to floors. This is especially important when moving large items like sofas, dressers, and tables that could otherwise leave marks on the flooring.


Moving Straps

Shoulder Harness and Straps System: Moving straps, also known as lifting straps, consist of durable straps and a harness that fits over the shoulders. These straps help distribute the weight of heavy items more evenly across the body.



Distribute Weight Evenly: Moving straps allow movers to leverage their body strength more effectively. By distributing the weight of heavy items like appliances, pianos, and large furniture across the shoulders and upper body, movers can lift and carry these items more efficiently and safely.

Reduce Risk of Injury: Using moving straps minimizes the risk of back and shoulder injuries by reducing strain and promoting proper lifting techniques. This is particularly important for preventing workplace injuries and ensuring the health and safety of our movers.


Tool Kits

Comprehensive Sets of Tools: Our tool kits are equipped with various essential tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, and Allen keys. They are designed to handle various tasks that may arise during a move.



Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture: Tool kits are indispensable for disassembling and reassembling furniture and other items. For instance, beds, tables, and shelving units often need to be taken apart for transport and reassembled at the new location.

Handle Unexpected Challenges: Having a comprehensive set of tools on hand allows movers to address any unexpected challenges that may occur during the move, such as tightening loose screws, adjusting fittings, or making minor repairs. This ensures that all items are securely assembled and ready for use in their new home.


Safety Gear

At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, the safety of our movers is a top priority. We equip our team with essential safety gear to ensure that it operates in the safest conditions.

This protective equipment not only prevents injuries but also enhances the efficiency and confidence of our movers. Here’s a detailed look at the critical safety gear we use:



Protective Gloves: Our movers wear durable, high-quality protective gloves for moving tasks. These gloves provide both protection and grip.



Provide Grip: Gloves are essential for a firm grip, especially when handling heavy or slippery items. This helps prevent accidents caused by items slipping out of hands.

Protect Hands: Gloves protect hands from cuts, scrapes, and splinters, which are common hazards when handling rough or sharp objects. They also help prevent blisters during prolonged handling.


Back Supports

Ergonomic Back Braces: Back supports are ergonomic braces that support the lower back during heavy lifting. These braces are adjustable to fit various body sizes and shapes.



Prevent Back Injuries: Back braces are crucial for preventing injuries by providing additional support to the lower back. They help maintain proper posture and reduce the strain on back muscles when lifting heavy objects.

Enhance Lifting Technique: Wearing back supports encourages movers to use their legs instead of their backs when lifting, promoting safer lifting techniques and reducing the risk of injury.


Hard Hats and Steel-Toed Boots

Safety Helmets: Hard hats are helmets designed to protect the head from injuries caused by falling objects or accidental bumps.

Reinforced Boots: Steel-toed boots are durable, reinforced footwear that protects the feet from heavy impacts and punctures.



Protect from Head Injuries: Hard hats are essential in environments with a risk of head injuries from falling or swinging objects. They are particularly important when moving items in tight spaces or areas with low ceilings.

Protect from Foot Injuries: Steel-toed boots provide crucial protection for the feet, shielding them from heavy items that may be dropped during the move. The reinforced toes and sturdy construction also protect against sharp objects that could puncture regular footwear.

Enhance Stability: The robust steel-toed boots provide additional ankle support and traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls on various surfaces.



Transportation - Burly Boyz Moving

Transportation is a critical aspect of any move. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we ensure that our transportation methods are top-notch to provide safe, efficient, and timely service.

From our fleet of well-maintained moving trucks to the advanced GPS and navigation tools we use, every element is designed to facilitate a seamless moving experience. Here’s a detailed look at our transportation resources:


Moving Trucks

Well-Maintained and Spacious: Our moving trucks are well-maintained to ensure reliability and safety. These trucks come in various sizes to accommodate different types of moves, from small apartment relocations to large family homes.

Regular Maintenance: Each truck undergoes regular maintenance checks and inspections to ensure optimal condition. This includes engine checks, tire inspections, and ensuring all safety features function correctly.



Safe Transportation: Our trucks are equipped to safely transport all items from the old location to the new one. The spacious interiors allow for careful packing and secure placement of all belongings, minimizing the risk of damage.

Efficient Loading and Unloading: Our trucks’ design facilitates efficient loading and unloading. With features such as hydraulic lift gates and ramps, our movers can easily handle heavy and bulky items, reducing the physical strain and speeding up the moving process.

Climate Control: For items sensitive to temperature changes, some of our trucks are equipped with climate control features to ensure that delicate items, such as electronics or fine art, are transported in a stable environment.


GPS and Navigation Tools

Advanced GPS Devices: We use state-of-the-art GPS devices in all our moving trucks to ensure precise navigation. These devices are equipped with real-time traffic updates and route optimization features.

Mapping Software: Our movers also use advanced mapping software that integrates with our GPS devices, providing detailed directions and alternative routes if needed.



Efficient Routing: GPS and navigation tools are essential for planning the most efficient routes. We ensure timely arrival at destinations by avoiding traffic congestion, road construction, and other delays. This is particularly important for long-distance moves where precise timing is critical.

Real-Time Updates: Our GPS devices’ real-time capabilities allow our drivers to make adjustments on the fly. If there are unexpected road closures or traffic jams, our drivers can quickly reroute to avoid delays.

Enhanced Communication: These tools also improve communication between the moving team and our clients. We can provide accurate ETAs and updates, keeping clients informed about the progress of their move.


Final Words

There you have it! A glimpse into the Burly Boyz Moving Toolkit, the arsenal that empowers us to tackle any move with efficiency and finesse. Each tool, from dollies to straps, is crucial in ensuring your belongings are handled with care and transported safely.

Our commitment to utilizing the right tools and our team’s expertise guarantees a smooth, stress-free moving experience. So, the next time you plan a move, remember that behind every successful relocation is a well-equipped team like Burly Boyz, ready to handle your possessions like ours.

Trust us to bring the right tools and attitude to your next short—or long-distance move. Contact Burly Boyz today, and let’s make your moving day a breeze!