Moving This Spring?

Spring is muddy, here are some spring moving tips to keep things clean:

1. Keep an eye on the weather. If there is rain in the forecast, and melting snow – professional movers will deploy several methods.

2. Keep the common areas clear. Professional moving companies will often lay down mats and runners and try to avoid leaving a mess.

3. Have a broom handy, professional movers will often have their own cleaning supplies – but just in case!

4. Make sure the destination address has the common areas clear and ready for the arrival of movers and furniture. The movers should properly lay mats around the house as to not leave muddy tracks.


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5. Have some old sheets or blankets on hand. While we do our best to protect your furniture and belongings while it snows, it can help to have some additional blankets.

6. Water or iced tea! Beverages are an awesome gesture for your movers! They often bring their own, this is obviously not mandatory – but highly appreciated!

7. If you are packing yourself, ensure to double pack the fragile items. There is a greater risk of slipping due to muddy or dirty conditions. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. Dress appropriately! Wear layers. If it is windy, or rainy – prepare for any type of Spring weather.

9. Don’t forget to tip! If you’ve booked during winter when our rates are very low – and the movers did a great job, reward them with a nice little tip! This increases morale and makes our staff feel like they’ve done a great job.

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That’s all for now. Remember, for any inquiries about a move during the winter or any other time – give us a call. We provide free consulting services for each move.