Moving Company Remembrance Day

November 11th, the day that Canadians remember all of the brave Men and Women who courageously
gave their lives so that we can enjoy the many freedoms that we have today. Soldiers spent days living in
trenches so that we can move freely across Canada and the World. Today Military Families have become
experts at moving, it has become a part of their lifestyles and so it is no wonder that when looking for
some great advice we go directly to the source.

In honour of our past and present Military personnel we have compiled a list of the top 5 moving tips
from the spouses who have been there and done that.



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Pro Tip 1 – Downsize

Even if you move every single year you will acquire items between each move. De cluttering can be as
simple as going through your house each day and getting rid of 10 items. You can sell, junk or donate
these items. Think Kijiji or the Salvation Army. The less you have the less you have to pack and unpack.
Selling? This tip will also make staging your home that much easier.


Pro Tip 2 Inventory

Most people think inventory and immediately begin making lists and spreadsheets to stay organized. Not
an expert at excell? Go ahead and pop open that camera on your cell phone and take some photos.
Depending on your home size this can be completed in about an hour and will also come in handy if you
need to make a claim. Ditch those lists and opt for inventory by camera.


Pro Tip 3 – Ziplock Bags

Big or small, ziplock bags can be your new best friend. Use these bad boyz to organize anything from
silverware to hardware. You will thank us when you are unpacking and don’t have boxes full of random
small items to organize. Use a sharpie to label your bags and presto! Fast and easy organization.


Pro Tip 4 – Electronics

Take a picture of the back of your television and any other device that will most likely be a hassle to set
up once in your new home. It is so easy to forget which cord goes where. Once you have a picture go
back to pro tip 3 aka ziplock bags, disconnect the device and place the cords in labelled bags and tape it to
the device. This will save so much time and probably your sanity.

Pro Tip 5 – Liquids

Professional Moving Companies will not move liquids. People who move often already know this but if it
is your first move knowing this can save you from pouring your hard earned dollars down the drain,
literally! In the days/months leading up to your move do not buy liquids if you do not absolutely have to.
Use up what you have and purchase new products once you arrive at your destination. Switch to powders
where you can, think laundry detergent and avoid buying a gallon of your favourite coconut scented body
wash. We know it’s hard but you can do it. We believe in you.

Burly Boyz moving and Storage recognizes the sacrifices made by our Veterans. Moving may seem
daunting but when you think of how often Military families move it allows a chance to feel some major
gratitude. Take a moment now and then to reflect on the peace in your life and to Remember those who
serve and continue to serve our beautiful Country.


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