Are you having a hard time choosing the best movers?

Are prices all over the place for moving services and you’ve become confused and frustrated? And, two or three companies you want to book have similar ratings and you’re ‘stuck on the fence’?

Don’t worry too much. We can help you understand why moving estimates don’t line up with each other, and how you can decipher who is a good mover compared to a terrible mover.

Firstly, put together a list of local moving companies. This will be considered your ‘draft’ or very preliminary list. We are going to break this list of movers down in a few minutes.

Secondly, start researching these movers. I always suggest starting off with looking up their Google ratings. If you are looking for the best movers, disregard anything under 4 stars on Google. If the company does not show any ratings on Google, or very low stars, you do not want to trust them with moving your belongings.


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From here, you’ve narrowed your list of movers down significantly. This is where some further research has to be done. Now that you’ve got a majority of companies eliminated from the list via poor ratings, you’re going to want to search their Better Business Bureau status. This is easy! Open Google and search ‘moving company name + BBB’. This will give you the Better Business Bureau status of your smaller, more defined list of movers.

What Next?

Now you’ll want to look at these movers’ ratings. Preferably anything A- or better. But most importantly, please ensure those movers are accredited. There is a significant difference in the quality of a moving company between being accredited on the BBB, or not accredited.

Your list should be much smaller now! Great work. You wouldn’t pick a random Joe off the street with the cheapest price to fix your car or provide other services for you, right? Then why pick the cheapest movers, or any service based company after not having done any research?

With your much smaller list of the best movers, it’s now going to come down to the service you have received to make your final decision on which movers to use!

Here are some things you should question during the interaction phase between some of the best movers:

1. Were they prompt in answering your inquiry?
2. Were they pleasant on the phone (in e-mail, or in-person)?
3. Did they treat you as a valued customer, even before booking with them?
4. Were they knowledgeable about the services they were offering?

You’re going to want to choose the best movers who have answered all your questions thoroughly, who were upfront about any costs or fees associated to your move – and most of all, pleasant to interact with. If the front line staff are helpful, informative and providing great customer service – you can expect the same type of service from the movers in the field.

A few other bonuses to look for when choosing the best movers:

1. Are they associated with the Canadian Movers Association? GREAT!
2. Are they a major ‘van line’ who subcontracts their work? BAD!
3. Do they have any awards or recognition online? GREAT!
4. Have they volunteered any services to the community? AMAZING!
5. Did a call centre answer your call? TERRIBLE!
6. Did someone take your information and not return your inquiry for days? THE AUDACITY!

Professional moving companies should strive to obtain your business, treat you as a valued customer before you even become one, respect your time, be patient, pleasant and provide answers to every single question you need answered.

Also, skim through their social media such as Facebook. See how they respond to customers in their Google reviews. Look through the Google reviews for any common patterns (excellent customer service, fast, efficient, affordable) so you know what to expect when your movers show up.

This will help you narrow down your decision making when trying to figure out who the best movers are for YOU. After all, YOU are the paying customer. YOU are the one who should feel comfortable with the decision you made when you finally choose that perfect moving company.

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