How to Choose an Honest and Reliable Moving Company?

These days there are many moving companies who go unregulated as there are very little regulations required to run a moving company. Several customers are tricked into booking with a moving company because the prices are so low. However, some of the onus is on the customer to do proper research when trying to identify a reliable moving company. Absolutely do not book with the ’cheapest’ company and we will explain why.

Some of the things to look out for when comparing costs between companies

1. Is the cost too low? Why?
2. Is the cost too high? Why?
3. Why is there such a disparity in pricing between companies?

Please do your research with each moving company you’ve contacted or are prepared to contact by completing the following steps:

1. How are the Google ratings? Are they low? Do they exist?
2. Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau? If so, what is their rating?
3. What is included in the move? Are there any hidden fees?

Many large van lines will have extremely low prices, but have a 1 star rating with Google and are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. If you decide to book with a company like this, you are putting your belongings and finances at risk. Often times they under-estimate and under-deliver. Some companies won’t provide full disassembling and re-assembly of furniture, and some will. These are all questions you should ask – to see what is included in the price you are paying for. Most large van lines will entice you with a very low rate per pound, this is because their competition with reputable (and often, slightly higher cost) moving companies are high.


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Did your mover simply ask how many bedrooms you have and give you a price? RED FLAG!

Why? Item ownership between people is so different! If you’re moving long distance and paying by weight, or locally and paying by the hour – how could your 2 bedroom apartment have the exact same amount of stuff as another 2 bedroom apartment? It can’t! So, the customer books on this ’average’ price, and when they get their final invoice at the end of the day it is DOUBLE! This is because there are no averages in terms of item ownership in households. So, how do you get an accurate quote?

Your movers should be conducting an item by item inventory with you, either by phone, e-mail or in person. This is much more accurate than asking how many bedrooms you have. Your weight assessment for long distance moves, or your inventory for local hourly moves will be much more accurate.

You’ll need to search for companies with great Google ratings and proper accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, from there – contact those companies and see who the right fit is for you. From there, compare pricing, quality and most importantly SERVICES OFFERED in the moving process. Rates may vary between companies, but some may or may not offer less or more services. By doing your research, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable that you’ve hired a reliable moving company.

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