Burly Boyz Earth Month Celebration.

We are planting 5 trees for every customer from now until end of April!

We are helping mitigate carbon emissions during each move.

By now, every man, woman and child is very aware of the global warming crisis that planet earth is facing. However, little realize that they can choose service providers that are environmentally responsible that have a very minimal to positive impact on the environment.  For example, when the general consumer hires movers, they typically compare prices, reputation, quality of service, but, do not consider the company’s effect on the environment.
Burly Boyz Moving Company is celebrating EARTH MONTH in a major way by planting trees on behalf of every customer who books our moving services from now until the end of the earth month (April). To clean up our carbon footprint, we will plant 1 tree for every 200 km traveled in between homes with a minimum of 5 trees per customer.

For example, for a customer moving from Edmonton to Toronto, 3400 km, we will plant 17 trees in their name. For a customer hiring us as local Edmonton movers, typically less than 100 KM of distance travelled, we will plant 5 trees in their name.



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We have teamed up with a tree planting company out of Edmonton, Shakti Trees, to join our green initiative.
Our goal is to plant 1000 trees for Earth month.  We need your help! Please share this posting!

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