Moving in the Winter?

You certainly should trust what we say when we talk about moving in the winter! Our headquarters is in one of the coldest places on Earth, Edmonton. However we have other offices, including in Etobicoke which can be very cold during the winter as well.

So! Winter has arrived and you are planning on moving. Often homeowners and renters do not have the luxury of time. Homes are sold, leases run out and moving becomes a necessity. The cold weather may lead you to think of every reason why this may be a terrible and daunting feat for not only yourself, but movers too! But, let us for a moment discuss some of the positives of moving in the Winter.


Flexibility of Moving

Moving during the Winter season can require some flexibility for arrival and delivery. Rain or snow may contribute to poor road conditions and so it helps to expect delayed ETA’s from your moving company. That being said, most moving companies also become much more flexible for potential unexpected delays on your end. During the Summer months moving companies are booked solid leaving little room for error or last minute changes. Winter months are often less busy, so your movers have the time to spare should something happen and can work with you to reschedule or reassess your moving plans.


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With the Winter season also comes the Holiday season! Time slows down and often people have more time on their hands to pack and prepare for their moves. This allows for a more relaxed pace and alleviates the stress of juggling work or school, on top of packing, cleaning and downsizing. Busy during the Holiday season? Your moving company can come in and take care of your packing for you.



During the Summer it may not be a problem to ask your friends and family for some help, but if you have lived through our Canadian winters you are familiar with just how cold and icy it can get outside. The risk of hurting yourself greatly increases. Our movers are trained to work through even the coldest of days. Your team will arrive with the correct equipment to ensure that your furniture is dismantled, padded and safely removed from the home. Hiring a moving company can prevent costly damages and injury not to mention how relieved your friends will be!



Lastly and perhaps the best reason to move in the Winter months is cost! Winter is typically known as the “off-season” and is never as busy as the Summer months. For this reason Moving companies will drop their rates allowing you to reap the benefits. With all of the added costs of moving such as Lawyer fees, damage deposits and first and last months rent, any savings are welcome. Many people may not be aware of price changes throughout the Season’s so when preparing for your move make it a point to inquire about off season rates. Cost wise, Winter is the optimal time to move.


Extra Tips

Movers will be in and out of the property, so it is imperative to ensure you have your furnace running properly. The movers will also try their best to keep doors closed behind them as they leave and re-enter the property multiple times during the move.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to pop over to the new location if you have the opportunity and turn the furnace or heat on there, too! So, when the movers arrive it isn’t freezing cold inside.

Burly Boyz Moving and Storage can provide some great insight into moving during the Winter months. If you are on the fence about it, give us a call and our Relocation Specialists can work with you to create a custom quote based on your unique needs.

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