May kicks off the busiest moving season of the year when home sales begin to rise throughout the summer months. That’s why it’s also National Moving Month!

Moving can be scary. Regardless of the size and distance, you want to protect your possessions and family. Either way, moving can be an adventure, too. New home, new places to explore. We expand our horizons and make connections. The possibilities are endless.

There are ways to make moving less of a hassle and more of an escapade. By checking resources, making a few lists and delegating responsibility, the goal is to get everything to your new home in one piece, peacefully.


Follow these great tips and have a safe and successful move!

  • When selecting a mover, ensure they are highly rated, accredited with the BBB and your estimates come in writing.
  • Downsize some of your belongings that you don’t want or need by having garage sales or listing them on classifieds.
  • Make a checklist of all the services to transfer (phone, utilities, internet).
  • Update your mailing address with family, friends.
  • Give each room a different colored marker for labeling boxes.
  • On the day of the move, have a cooler handy! You can spoil your movers with a cold beverage, or yourself!
  • Read more of our blog posts to get extra helpful tips!

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National Moving Month was declared in 1997.