Here are a few tips and tricks from our team at Burly Boyz Moving and Storage on how to
move on a budget!
Most moving companies charge by the hour for local moving jobs. For long-distance moves,
these are typically priced by weight.
However, sometimes we can’t always afford what moving companies are quoting – but don’t
have the friends or family to help lift things as we had so easily in the past.

One of the most important tips here is to de-clutter and downsize. You’re moving anyway, so
you might as well get rid of junk and stuff you don’t need or want anymore. The flipside to
that is that if there are fewer things to move with a moving company – chances are it will cost
less in the end, too.
For example; hourly, local moves which are determined by time can be much shorter if you
got rid of a bunch of stuff prior to your move date. Long-distance moving, which is typically
priced by weight, will be cheaper since you will have less weight to move.
There are some other things like having the common areas clear, being prepared and ready
to go. Some customers might even move much of the small stuff themselves (boxes, smaller
pieces of furniture, etc) in order to save time and money when the movers arrived.
Contrary to what many moving companies say, appliances are not a big deal. Large, single
items are very easy to move and they do not increase costs that much (for what they are
worth). It’s multiple smaller items that can drive the costs up. Remember, on hourly jobs which
are priced by the hour, multiple trips back and forth from the truck can add up – opposed to
say a few smaller trips with large or single items coming in and out of the truck.
So if you can’t get any friends or family to help, but also don’t have the means to do the move
yourself, these are some simple takeaways on how to get your move done on a budget and
1. De-clutter.
2. Remove junk prior to your move (don’t pay to move things you don’t want).
3. Move smaller things yourself if you can. Boxes, smaller pieces of furniture, etc.
4. Keep common areas clear for the movers.
5. Have smaller items and boxes ‘ready to go’ near the exits, or in a centralized area.
In addition to the above, please do your due diligence when obtaining multiple quotes.
Cheaper companies are definitely ‘not the best’, and at the end of the day, you might be
paying more for the move in the way of damaged goods. Ensure that Google ratings are
respectable and that the company is not only listed on the Better Business Bureau but also
accredited. Accreditation is important. Being part of the Canadian Movers Association is a
huge bonus as well. Practice some of the tips mentioned above and look for a well-rated moving
company to ensure you have a good experience.