Are you curious about what Moving Costs?

So, your friends are busy these days and you need help moving. Family is out of town or unavailable, and you’re sitting there staring at this huge sectional – wondering how you’re going to move it. Well, at some point we all need help. We know this because we’ve been in the moving industry for almost 15 years. We help the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers, families, you name it. Over the years you have accumulated some of your most favourite prized possessions. Even if you had friends and family willing to help you move, would you trust them (or even yourself) to ensure nothing is damaged?

Professional Moving Companies will receive regular training not only on how to move, but also to pack and professional blanket furniture. Training is typically ongoing to keep staff up to date and fresh!



Okay, okay… contrary to what most larger moving companies might say, there are no average costs. Cost comes from item ownership. Yep, you heard that right. Local moves charge by the hour, and the longer the move means you have more stuff. The shorter the move means you have less stuff. So, overall this means the cost comes down to item ownership. This is why it is always a perfect idea to downsize before your move. You will be paying for movers to move those unnecessary items. More belongings mean more time, and more time means more labour, and more labour means more money.

However, a proper moving company will take an itemized list, an inhome visit or a virtual tour to get a good grasp on what is being moved. This will help them determine how long the move should take, thus being able to provide you with costs. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we don’t even round up hour to hour on our moves. We bill in 15 minute increments until done, and never to the quote! This is because many people book their movers in advance and between the booking date and moving date, they have downsized some things or maybe even moved small things over themselves!



Again, there is no average compared to what moving companies might tell you! We receive inquiries all day long with customers telling us a moving company quoted them on a certain weight. However, they did not do an inventory with the customer, they did not provide an in-home estimate, they simply ask the customers how many bedrooms they have and give an average price. Whoa! How is that going to be accurate you ask? It isn’t! This is where you hear the horror stories of customers having their invoices ‘doubled’ or a huge increase in price at the end. Why? Because the moving company will provide an ‘average’ weight, but they will still weigh the truck and bill to the scale. So, if you’re above average – you’re going to pay more. How would they know if you have 1 bookshelf or 10? How would they know if one room is full of boxes and storage items, books, albums and exercise equipment? Not just a bed and a dresser?

They wouldn’t, unless they take the time to go through an inventory process with you so they can get a more accurate weight assessment, thus giving you a more accurate quote – thus not having any major surprises at the end of the move!



Well, we’re sorry that we were not able to answer your question. We have done moves as low as $399 and as high as $39,999. It really all depends on how many belongings you have, where you’re moving to, what access is like, where you’re being picked up from, or delivered to, what dates you’re moving on, how many movers do you need and so much more.

If a moving company doesn’t take any time to go through all these questions with you, then you should not book with them. Their quotes are going to be terribly inaccurate, and you’re going to have a surprise at the end of the day. Poorly rated companies are known to ‘quote low’ in order to get commitment from the customer, and overcharge when the move is over – because scattered all throughout the fine print states that you are going to pay whatever it takes.

Please contact us any time if you have questions surrounding your move, a potential move – or looking for a quote. We can help put you at ease by going through our checklist and providing you a proper, upfront quote with no hidden fees or surcharges.