2020 was tough for many of us but starting the new year off with a fresh start there is no better time than the present to move. You’re probably thinking winter is the worst time, it’s cold, snowy, my outdoor furniture is frozen, my kids are in school (I don’t want to move them), however, keep reading.

Roughly 4.4 million Canadians move homes every year. 50% of these people move sometime between June and September. 14% move in June and approximately one-third of them move on the busiest day of the year, June 30. Clearly summer has some obvious benefits as to why it is often considered the best time of year, however, check out these HOT reasons to move in the winter:

1. Lower Moving Costs
Winter is a slow season for moving companies. Many of them reduce their rates to get more business. But sometime the absolute lowest price could have some consequences. Be sure it’s a reliable moving company you choose. Check their ratings on the BBB and customer reviews.

2. Get Your Desired Pick-Up and Delivery Date
With the higher demand in the summer, getting the moving dates you require can be difficult. Winter on the other hand, moving companies can accommodate a lot of moving schedules and on short notice most times as well.

3. Extra Time and Attention from Your Movers
Customer service is a top priority for any professional moving company, anytime of year. But when it is a less busy, you’ll get that extra personal touch and attention.

4. Easier to Settle into Your New Home
Moving in the cold season allows you to settle into your new home more easily. There is no yard work to do (other than shovelling), you tend to spend more time indoors in the winter and won’t feel as guilty about it. You will have more time to dedicate to unpacking, organizing, and getting to learn about your new neighbourhood faster. Enjoy your summer!

5. Interest Rates are at their BEST right now.
According to the Bank of Canada, prime is at it’s lowest in years, 2.45%, conventional 1-year mortgage is at 3.09% and 3-year at 3.59%. Talk to your mortgage broker or bank and see what they can do for you.

6. Home prices are lower in the winter.
Buying in the winter will usually get you a lower price because sales tend to slow down leaving sellers more motivated to negotiate.


Here are a few tips to prepare you for a winter move.

  • Make sure your exterior stairs, walkways and driveway are cleared and salted prior to the move crew arriving. Having those clear helps to ensure a quick and safe move day!
  • Your doors will be open for most of the day, which could potentially allow in a lot of cold air into your home, make sure you set your home temperature accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that weather can affect your moving plans. Our moving trucks need ample room to park and be accessible to the movers. Consider the best way for the movers to get your belongings on and off the truck safely in advance so there are no delays in your move.
  • Local moves are based on time. Road conditions, getting to and from your locations due to snow, could impact the length of the day.
  • We rarely need to reschedule moves due to weather. We understand you have closing dates, travel plans, etc., that need to be kept. However, if you are flexible and choose to reschedule due to weather, it is best to contact your move coordinator as soon as possible.

At Burly Boyz Moving & Storage we have full-service options from packing, packing materials, re-usable Burly Boxes (an environmentally friendly option to moving) and a 12,000 sq ft indoor, heated, and secured storage facility. With a winter move, your items won’t freeze if you need storage for short or long period of time.

Although you can’t always plan when a move will happen, organizing a move in the late fall and winter months can have its advantages. Contact us today for your FREE, quote.