Long Distance Movers To Anywhere Your Heart Desires!

Long distance moving is our specialty! Our long distance movers are extensively trained to wrap and protect furniture and load our trucks for long distance travels. Our moving trucks are custom built to fit all our customer’s belongings and specially designed for highway winter conditions. Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands.

Our long distance moving company operates on 4 key principles. Integrity, honest pricing, punctuality all while delivering a damage-free service. By focusing on these 4 key principles, we truly believe that we will achieve our goal with every customer; deliver the best moving experience possible.


We will do what we say we will do. In the rare instance that we make a mistake or error in judgement, we recognize that and do whatever it takes to correct the problem. This claim is backed by having the absolute best reviews among all long distance movers. Before you chose your mover, compare our reviews with other long distance moving companies.

Honest Pricing

Our pricing for our long distance moves is very simple and very different than other long distance moving companies. We do not lie about the weight of our customer’s furniture, we do not price gauge and we do not hold furniture for ransom. We weigh the trucks directly before arriving to our customer’s house and directly after we leave. Unlike other long distance movers, we encourage all of our customers to join us while we weigh their furniture.


We will arrive to the pick up location on time. Our moving coordinators constantly keep our customers updates on the delivery date and time. And we will deliver on the exact agreed upon date and time.


At Burly Boyz Moving, we understand that our customer’s belongings are their prized possessions. We are trained to protect all items, regardless of what it is, in such a manner that the item will be delivered in the exact same condition. Our moving trucks are fully equipped with moving blankets, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, TV Boxes and mattress bags to have the ability to safely handle all items thrown our way.

Customers Moving To Ontario

We are offering a service which is a first of its kind; direct deliveries to Ontario. No time consuming deliveries or detours along the way, instead we travel to Ontario directly from Edmonton, Alberta every 2 weeks. This reduces delivery time, cost, KM’s traveled and damages to furniture.

Receive An Estimate Today!

Estimates for our long distance moving service can be completed in person at your home, over the phone or through email. To get the process started, please fill out a “long distance movers” form located on the left hand side or simply call us at: