Hiring local movers doesn’t have to be costly or stressful. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we make moving simple, stress-free and extremely cost effective.

Most people think that good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good. Well, we have found an exception to the rule. We have begun our fall/winter sales event and have issued some awesome cost savings promotions to our valued customers. Please call us for more information.

Are Our Local Movers As Good As We Say We Are?

No, we’re as good as our customers say we are. We boast the highest review rating among all local movers in Edmonton and Mississauga. That doesn’t come as a surprise to us! We search far and wide to find the best possible team members to add to our crews. A qualified Burly Boyz mover is strong, sensible, clean-cut, hard-working and friendly.

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